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EasyVote’s EasyCampaignFinance module is a comprehensive campaign finance software package that provides election offices with a robust, easy-to-use online tool to automate the filing and management of the necessary forms for candidate eligibility and campaign finance reporting designed to meet state requirements.

EasyCampaign Finance:

  • Is designed for each state’s specific process and requirements. With the help of election officials in your state, we map out the entire process for campaign finance compliance and ensure its adherence to all applicable legal statutes and requirements.
  • Reduces the demands on staff time allowing them to focus on additional election processes by automating key tasks including; communication with elected officials, the collection and verification of filing, and public disclosure of candidate information.
  • Ensures an accurate record of all filings, history of communication and any fines/fees levied against a candidate, reducing conflict and eliminating any uncertainty from the eligibility process.


EasyCampaignFinance provides structure and reporting for candidate filings from the start of their candidacy until the committee’s close. Specific capabilities include:

Secure Electronic Submission
Where allowed by law, candidates can quickly and efficiently submit their filings securely online, via a standard web browser. Within the module, each candidate completes, submits and updates all required forms (including Campaign Finance Reporting, Candidate Qualification, and Declaration of Candidacy). Submissions are time-stamped and cataloged by the system, ensuring an audit trail and to assist with fine avoidance.

Automated Communication & Notifications
Election officials can easily and quickly communicate with candidates, directly or en masse via the system’s online tool.  Reporting deadlines, contribution limits and other regulatory initiated notifications are pushed to the appropriate campaign staff. Other custom notifications can be created/set by the election administrators.

Rules & Auditing Tools
EasyCampaignFinance’s administrator interface, allows election officials to not only verify submission of required forms by candidates, staff can easily review each filing, ensure documents are completed correctly, and notify candidates automatically if changes are required.

Detailed Search & Reporting
Election officials and candidates can view a complete history of all campaign finance events including form submissions, communication with voter registration offices, and fees/fines.

Integration with Other Services
EasyCampaignFinance allows for easy data-export and automated integration with other governmental services. For example, many states require data sharing with Ethics Boards, a process which can be handled manually or through a scheduled, automated transfer.

Public Display
With EasyCampaignFinance election officials can quickly post submitted reports for public viewing. The public interface provides access to current and archived reports for candidates.

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EasyCampaignFinance: Dashboard

EasyCampaignFinance: Dashboard

EasyCampaignFinance: Candidate Info

EasyCampaignFinance: Candidate Management


EasyCampaignFinance has powerful features and capabilities, but doesn’t require you to be a technical “whiz” to implement. You and your staff can be quickly up and running with these simple steps:

Import Candidate History
EasyCampaignFinance walks you through the process of assembling and saving prior years’ historical information for candidates.

Create New Candidate Accounts
In minutes you can authorize each new candidate to access the system and which forms/process(es) are applicable to their situation.

Create Workflows
Automated workflows can be created to occur after certain events are complete. For instance, after documentation is properly submitted and approved, the system can be configured to forward the information to other governmental entities via electronic processes you define.

Accept/Reject Submissions
After reviewing and approving any submitted documentation submitted, additional workflows are triggered and the documents become available for public viewing.

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EasyCampaignFinance: Filing Process

EasyCampaignFinance: Filing Process

EasyCampaignFinance: Filing Calendar

EasyCampaignFinance: Filing Process

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