EasyVote Software Improves Campaign Finance Administration For City of St. Petersburg, Florida - EasyVote Solutions LLC

St. Petersburg city election officials to streamline candidate filing and disclosure process while providing greater transparency to voters

EasyVote Solutions announced that the City of St. Petersburg, Florida, has implemented its EasyCampaignFinance module to enhance its administration of campaign finance compliance and disclosure reporting for candidates and elected officials.

“As the 5th largest city in the State of Florida, the City of St. Petersburg understands that municipal elections give the power to the people and enables them to choose their leaders who make decisions on their behalf on a local level,” said Chan Srinivasa, City Clerk of the City of St. Petersburg. “EasyCampaignFinance has streamlined the often cumbersome process of filing campaign finance reports and provides an open platform for our candidates, political committees, and our citizens to be involved in the democratic process.”

EasyCampaignFinance automates key tasks including; communication with elected officials, the collection and verification of filings, and public disclosure of candidate information. The module streamlines the workflow of the campaign finance submission and audit process and enables increased transparency. EasyCampaignFinance provides candidates and elected officials the opportunity to submit campaign finance filings online and a turnkey public website that makes all available filings instantly available to the general public.

“We’re excited to have the City of St. Petersburg as the first Florida city to implement EasyCampaignFinance,” said Ron Davis, CEO of EasyVote Solutions. “It’s a tremendous vote of confidence for the 5th largest city in Florida to adopt our platform. We expect that the city of St. Petersburg, candidates, public and media outlets will appreciate the increased transparency and the ease in completing disclosure related tasks.”

EasyCampaignFinance is a module of EasyVote’s Election Management Platform, which includes four other applications to run elections: EasyPollWorker (end to end poll worker management), EasyInventory (manage voting equipment and supplies), EasyFocus (election project management), and EasyVote Voter Services (mobile app for communication between the elections office and the general public). EasyVote’s Election Management Platform, designed specifically for elections offices, is built upon a combination of best-in-class cloud and mobile technologies. EasyVote’s platform ensures the highest levels of data security, eliminates the burden on IT departments to host and support the software, and enables rapid implementation and training.

EasyVote Solutions, based in Atlanta, GA is a leading provider of election management software to election offices across the United States. In cooperation with city, county, and state elections offices across the United States, we’ve ensured our products give the features that elections offices require, based on state-of-the-art technology, and providing responsive and helpful customer support.

To learn more about EasyVote Solutions or to see a demo of any part of the EasyVote Election Management Platform, please contact sales(at)easyvotesolutions(dot)com, visit https://www.easyvotesolutions.com or call (855) 467-4823 to speak with an EasyVote representative.