EasyVote's Success Highlights Election Technology Trends - EasyVote Solutions LLC

Today we announced the deployment of modules of the EasyVote Election Management Platform with three large election offices in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

EasyVote Provides End-To-End Election Management Automation For the Denton County Elections Office

EasyVote Software To Help Streamline Campaign Finance Filing and Reporting for Dallas County Elections Department

EasyVote’s EasyCampaignFinance Software To Bolster Campaign Finance Administration for Tarrant County Elections Office 

Founded in 2013, EasyVote has grown our customer base to election offices in 13 states and the District of Columbia. Our recent success highlights three major election industry trends that EasyVote is positioned to capture as we finish 2017 and enter 2018.

1) Customer preference for software deployed in the ‘cloud.’ The EasyVote election management platform is hosted in the ‘cloud,’ and does not require any local I/T resources to implement. As a result, our software is much easier to deploy and much less expensive than traditional election software. Before our arrival in 2015, the incumbent software companies servicing the election market sold expensive software, custom built for each election office. Requiring significant I/T resources to deploy, this software was only accessible to the largest election offices.

2) Mainstream Adoption of EasyVote’s Election Management Platform. In each state, there are election offices with a history of being early adopters of new election technology. We at EasyVote have always felt comfortable working with these customers. These early adopters are pleased with our software and provide excellent feedback, and feature requests that we use for ongoing improvement. We are now seeing the next phase of growth through a variety of election offices who possess less comfort and experience with election technology. These mainstream customers tell us that our software is easy to use and prefer the ease of implementation in comparison to expensive, in-house software applications.

3) Consideration by the largest election offices across the US. Each of these Texas counties has populations greater than 750,000. As a result, these election offices are responsible for conducting some of the largest elections in the country, which also comes with increased operational complexity and public scrutiny. There’s no greater validation for our products than to be selected by these discerning customers, both for our ability to service election offices of that size, and providing needed features and capabilities.

If you would like to learn more about how EasyVote’s Election Management Platform can help your election office, please contact us.