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Election Management Platform

EasyVote Solutions provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications that streamline the processes behind running successful elections.

Our customers are city, county and state elections offices across the United States, who find that the EasyVote Election Management Platform:

  • Reduces the time it takes to perform election tasks.
  • Improves communication and accuracy between officials and election workers.
  • Provides data, enabling election officials to make intelligent, informed decisions.


Our Election Management Platform reflects EasyVote’s core philosophy towards our software products and our customers. Proven through relationships with over 200 election offices in 15 states, the EasyVote Election Management Platform features:

State-of-the-Art Technology
We deployed the Election Management Platform on Microsoft Azure, a cutting-edge cloud hosting platform, relieving our clients of having to configure and deploy software on their own servers. Our platform includes extra levels of security to ensure that information stays private and audit trails cannot be altered. We incorporate mobile applications and technology to allow users to access the platform remotely using a variety of devices including tablets and smartphones.

Designed For Election Officials
The EasyVote team is made up of former election officials and bring this expertise to developing software solely for the election industry (as compared to general software repurposed for elections use). We continually review changes in election technology, customer needs/suggestions, and each state’s legislation and incorporate these changes within our platform.

Best-of-Breed Customer Support
To help ensure your success, our staff are experts in both technical support and election knowledge. We provide a variety of convenient ways to ensure we respond in a timely manner to your support needs, including by phone, email, and online chat. Our modules also include easy-to-use help content, enabling self-directed learning and assist in troubleshooting any issues you encounter.

Easy To Do Business With
We provide full featured tools at a price any size elections office can afford. We ensure that our pricing and licensing agreements are easy to understand and do not require a long-term commitment.


EasyInventory is a comprehensive election inventory management solution for hardware and supplies during all phases of an election (pre-election, during and post-election). Unlike other systems, EasyInventory is affordable and designed specifically for elections. EasyInventory streamlines the inventory deployment and return process for each election, provides an accurate, comprehensive history for any piece of hardware, and helps extend the life of expensive hardware through its maintenance scheduling and management capabilities. (learn more…)

EasyPollWorker streamlines the process of managing your election workforce for Election Day and early voting. Easy to use, this module is designed for election administrators with additional online interfaces for applicants and poll workers, EasyPollworker provides accurate, comprehensive records of each poll worker’s work history, training, and performance; enables efficient communication with poll workers by email, text, or mail, and tracks all correspondence; and transforms the process of scheduling training and managing workforce schedules and documentation. (learn more…)

EasyCampaignFinance is a comprehensive campaign finance software package, designed to meet state requirements, that provides election offices with a robust, easy-to-use online tool to automate the filing and management of the necessary forms for candidate eligibility and campaign finance reporting. (learn more…)

EasyCheckIn provides election offices with a robust, easy-to-use, system to facilitate a wide range of voter eligibility scenarios including; voter registration (pre-election and same-day), early and absentee ballots, voter information updates, on-site voter eligibility and provisional ballots. (learn more…)

EasyFocus is the first project management software application built specifically for election directors and their teams. Whether preparing for an election, special project, or day-to-day administrative processes, EasyFocus ensures an elections office is on top of deadlines, accounting for an endless number of tasks required for a single election, and providing an effective tool for all members of the team to manage the volume of work that must be completed. (learn more…)


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