EasyVote’s EasyInventory module is a comprehensive election inventory management solution for hardware and supplies during all phases of an election (pre-election, during and post-election).

Affordable and designed specifically for elections, EasyInventory:

  • Streamlines the inventory deployment and return process for each election.
  • Provides an accurate, comprehensive history for any piece of hardware.
  • Helps extend the life of expensive hardware through its maintenance scheduling and management capabilities.

EasyInventory manages both the complete life of your hardware and supply inventory as well as the entire process of deploying and returning hardware for each election. Specific capabilities include:

Entire Item History

Real-time status and historical reporting of all your hardware and supplies, including information detailing acquisition, maintenance, deployment, return and disposal.

Preventive Maintenance

Create maintenance schedules for any model of hardware. Schedule maintenance activities and measure performance.

Supplies and Consumables

Not limited to just election machinery, create and manage all election supplies including paper ballots, signage, and more.

Mobile Barcode Scanning

The EasyInventory mobile app allows smartphone & tablet cameras to be used to directly scan and efficiently capture information.

Test Scripts

Move completion and reporting of testing from paper or spreadsheets to EasyInventory. Utilize the EasyInventory mobile app to automate customizable testing procedures for your hardware.

Deployment / Real-Time Tracking

The easy to use ‘wizard’, helps plan deployment by matching trucks, drivers, locations, and equipment together. All loading and unloading of trucks is shown real-time and equipment location is tracked through GPS to improve your chain of custody and security procedures.

You can be up and running with EasyInventory quickly, with the ability to configure and customize as much as you want over time. To get started, just complete these basic steps:

Create Products

EasyInventory walks you through the process of defining various types of equipment and the deployment rules and requirements.

Intelligent Import

Quickly and easily import your equipment inventory from a spreadsheet. This includes serial numbers, barcodes, purchase dates, etc.

Create Barcodes

EasyInventory can use your existing barcodes or generate new barcodes.

Maintenance & Testing Schedules

Create and customize maintenance and testing schedules.