EasyVote’s EasyCheckIn module provides election offices with a robust, easy-to use, system to facilitate a wide-range of voter eligibility scenarios.

Our system features voter registration (pre-election and same-day), early and absentee ballots, voter information updates, and on-site voter eligibility. EasyCheckIn includes two different modules: EasyCheckin which handles advanced/election day voting and EasyAbsentee which handles by-mail voting.

EasyPollWorker, a comprehensive poll worker management software suite, gives election officials the tools to train, deploy and measure performance of their polling place workforce throughout the election process, ensuring compliance with both election laws and employer requirements. Specific capabilities include:

Reduces hardware related expense

Unlike proprietary hardware/software platforms, EasyCheckIn is a software-only solution and runs on existing Windows 10 or higher PC’s with internet connectivity.

Saves time during all phases of an election

EasyCheckIn’s ability to quickly handle tasks and built-in automation for the creation of pre-filled forms and ballots increase worker productivity and voter satisfaction.

Works alongside existing poll book & ballot systems

EasyCheckIn may be a suitable replacement for your current poll book software or can augment your current platform with its robust features, especially for pre-election (early and absentee voting) and Election Day (on-site voter eligibility and form production). EasyCheckIn’s import and data-integration capabilities allow it to share information with existing systems.

You can be up and running with EasyPollWorker quickly, with the ability to configure and customize as much as you want over time. To get started, just complete these basic steps:

Multiple Elections

The EasyCheckIn PC application can be set up to run multiple elections simultaneously. When enabled, an election worker can search for a voter and the software will identify which election the voter is eligible to vote in.

Advanced and Absentee Voting

EasyCheckIn speeds up the process for generating advanced/absentee voter documents. After searching for the voter, the module pre-populates voter applications and certificates (used for advanced/absentee Voting) with data provided by the state.

Quick Voter Verification

Poll workers save time by easily scanning a voter’s driver’s license, voter ID, or manually enter data to identify a voter in the voter registration database. Poll workers can see a magnified image of the voter ID for easy viewing and identify if a voter has already cast their ballot (early voting or on Election Day) and differences in the voter’s ID from state voter registration systems. Poll workers can quickly identify if a voter is in the wrong location and direct them to their correct voting location.

Production of Pre-Filled Documents

EasyCheckIn can create and print a wide-variety of pre-filled documents including voter information update cards, mailing labels and barcodes, voter registration cards and many more.

Electronic Delivery of Forms

Absentee applications can be emailed to the voter, pre-populated with data from the file provided by your state.