EasyVote’s EasyPollworker module streamlines the process of managing your election workforce for Election Day and early voting.

Easy to use and designed for election administrators, with additional online interfaces for applicants and poll workers, EasyPollworker:

  • Provides accurate, comprehensive records of each poll worker’s work history, training, and performance.
  • Enables efficient communication with poll workers by email, text, or mail, and tracks all email message delivery.
  • Transforms the process of scheduling training and managing workforce schedules and documentation.

EasyPollWorker, a comprehensive poll worker management software suite, gives election officials the tools to train, deploy and measure performance of their polling place workforce throughout the election process, ensuring compliance with both election laws and employer requirements. Specific capabilities include:

Training & Compliance

Well-trained and certified poll workers are instrumental to an election’s success. With EasyPollWorker, you establish training requirements, schedule training sessions, and verify completion and certification through the system’s robust reporting capabilities.

Worker Profiles

EasyPollWorker makes it easy to manage your workforce. Customizable features allow you to define and assign attributes such as skill level, ratings and unique attributes.

Full Worker History

Identify the right poll workers for the task and have a complete audit trail for each poll worker’s history. Robust reporting allows for clear visibility into a worker’s election participation, communication and payroll histories.

Streamlined Scheduling & Correspondence

EasyPollWorker makes it easy to communicate with your election workforce. Scheduling tools allow you to create events and assign workers based on specific profiles you create. Create templates for outbound communication and send via a variety of methods including text, e-mail, and physical mail.

Compatible with Existing Internal Systems

EasyPollWorker complements your current employee management systems, with robust export capabilities and data integration with finance, payroll and other processes.

Applicant and Poll Worker Interfaces

Recruit possible workers and capture their data through an online application that integrates with EasyPollworker. Through a secure website, poll workers register for training, complete forms, and access documents and other materials.

You can be up and running with EasyPollWorker quickly, with the ability to configure and customize as much as you want over time. To get started, just complete these basic steps:

Create Your Dataset

EasyPollWorker walks you through the process of mapping your previous data fields to the poll worker management system.

Intelligent Import Tools

Take exported data from any old systems and, without technical expertise, import that data into EasyPollWorker.

Create Workflow

Customize EasyPollWorker’s standard processes to align with your election process, including training requirements and communication preferences.

Create & Customize Correspondence Templates

Use EasyPollWorker to create your own for communicating with poll workers via the methods you set up in the workflow step.