EasyVote’s EasyFocus module is the first project management software application built specifically for election directors and their teams

Previously, election officials either tracked the enormous list of tasks on white boards or spreadsheets or utilized complex software applications like Microsoft Project.

Whether preparing for an election, special project, or day-to-day administrative processes, EasyFocus ensures an elections office is on top of deadlines, accounting for endless number of tasks required for a single election and providing an effective tool for all members of the team to manage the volume of work that must be completed.

EasyFocus is an easy-to-use, comprehensive election project management software application, built exclusively for elections, allowing officials to design processes, manage and track progress for all facets of an election.

Compatible with Existing Systems

EasyFocus’ data import and export capabilities allow for EasyFocus to work and share data with your existing internal systems.

Robust Reporting Capabilities

Project managers can view overall progress and a wide variety of customizable, detailed reports.

Team Approach

EasyFocus allows for unlimited internal users and each election staff member can input, monitor, and report on tasks they are assigned or oversee. This team approach option allows an office to efficiently and effectively see a project/election from initiation to completion.

Even if you haven’t used a project management application before, getting started with EasyFocus is simple and easy. Our step-by-step wizard will walk you through:

Creating your project
(ex: 2021 General Election)

Creating any sub-projects
(ex: Poll Worker Recruitment & Training)

Assigning owners to projects & sub-projects

Creating tasks & milestones

Customizing your reporting & dashboards